Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baxter's Little Sister

Baxter is now the proud big brother of Wee Baby Sara. He's been the only child for three years, so it's quite an adjustment for him, we're sure. After being home for only six hours, Baxter is still a little skiddish. He's been close enough to sniff her a few times, but he keeps his distance otherwise. The noise and sporatic movement of new little sis has him on guard.

Here's a quick phone shot I got of the two of them hanging out on the bed. I'm sure there will be several more over the next decade or so.


Jenny Mina said...

Congrats guys! (from Lucy the Beaglier's family in Australia). Lucy still likes to chew everything in sight but she's always been great with our kids. I'm sure Baxter will be a loving and protective big brother :)

busylizzie said...

Ahh! I am sure they will get on. I was wondering what it was like to own a beagle mix, I came across this blog after searching beagle cavalier king charles spaniel cross. I love it! Do you have any tips for owning a beaglier?

CameronJr9 said...

I'd say the best two pieces of advice would be 1) get ready to be loved on 24/7 and 2) buy a very nice vacuum. These dogs shed like crazy.

Sometimes when Baxter gets excited that someone's at the door or we're wrestling on the floor, you can actually see the hair coming out.

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